High Frequency Welders

High frequency welders

Welding technology – regardless of the type – is the basic type of services used in industry, production or trade. Zemat produces a wide range of high frequency welders that are optimally matched to the customer’s business profile.

As a manufacturer with 65 yeast of experience in high-frequency welding machines the company offers modern devices that are characterized by excellent possibilities of adapting a given method to specific needs. Such universal solutions distinguish Zemat on the market of companies providing high frequency welding equipment.

High frequency welders use electricity to join individual materials, which works, among others, in the case of processing plastics. As a result, welding machines can be used in many industries, including in the medical, automotive, entertainment, military and energy sectors.

Welding machines are also irreplaceable in the automotive sector or in the production of various types of covers – tarpaulins or tents. The technique of capacitive welding is also used in the context of thermoplastic, textile, footwear, decorative and fancy materials.

Zemat – manufacturer of high frequency welders

Zemat offers HF welding machines that are characterized by:

● attractive price
● quick completion date
● the possibility of adjusting many parameters to the customer’s’ needs

Machines are structurally improved and optimized to meet the current market needs and the changing and expanding range of supported materials. This translates not only into effectiveness and efficiency of operation, but also into the safety of employees operating a given machine.

Get to know the detailed offer and select high-frequency welders to your needs – call or write to receive a commercial proposal from us. Also take advantage of our knowledge and experience. We provide technical advice before the transaction and full after-sales service, including high-frequency welders and other products from the Zemat offer.

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