Industry Automation

Modern, automated production lines for many types of industry

One of the basic tasks of robotics and industrial automation is to replace people in dangerous and monotonous tasks. We have been observing these activities for over half a century, initially in the form of teleoperated systems, industrial handling robots, and later in automatic transport systems inside factories and warehouses.

Industry automation

Modern solutions in the field of robotics and industrial automation used by our company largely refer to control methods, interfaces and sensory systems. The penetration of technology between its various factions has led to the creation of extremely precise, reliable solutions that are appreciated by our customers.

Zemat Technology Group designs and builds fully automatic solutions for industry based on the latest technologies, including robots with various kinematic chains, advanced effectors, precise drive control and modern quality control systems based on advanced sensors or vision systems. The company also successfully connects industry with science. In many applications, in line with industry 4.0, we use proprietary solutions that have been developed by our R&D department.

An interdisciplinary team of experts carries out and implements projects, from simple single machines, through the integration of multiple automation systems, to the construction of fully automated production lines.

The quality and reliability of our machines is appreciated and chosen by recognized industry leaders.

We create systems, refined in the smallest details, ideally suited to customer requirements