Solid State HF Generators

The world's smallest all-in-one Solid State Generator with Dynamic HF Matching System


Main advantages

Providing high precision and fast HF welds and seals in the medical, automotive, nuclear & specialty industries.

The new LDMOS based High Frequency Generator has higher frequency capability, improved linearity and withstands all mismatched impedance including unpredictable arc conditions. Ultra-fast microprocessor Dynamic Matching System™ with full control of reflected power to protect the system semiconductors.

Solid State HF Generators | Generatory Tranzystorowe

Precision and speed

The matching unit adjusts the input impedance for quick and precise reaction to the changing load characteristics during the welding cycle. These changes are monitored and recorded to ensure perfect welding with each cycle, resulting in enhanced seal quality at lower output power.

A unique lightweight hand held, gun type RF welder is providing the newest and the most innovative solution in the LDMOS based RF welding and sealing technology. The compact Solid State RF generator and the hand held mini press with DMS™ provides unsurpassed flexibility for small RF seals and multi-shape weld combinations.

The use of servo controlled linear motor for down stroke pressure allows the elimination of stoppers, limiters, spacers with electrodes/tools. It gives fully repeatable stroke position for each weld cycle. We can work with full control of down stroke position or pressure – e.g.: if we have materials with the same thickness we can control both, the down position and pressure, and if we are working with materials of different thicknesses we control the pressure thus ensuring the repeatability of each weld. Ability to create the custom characteristic of down stroke pressure depending on the application needs, e.g.: different pressure/position in the beginning of the weld cycle – different when cooling/pressing.

Optionally, heated tool/electrode plate is available to speed up the process of HF welding or create better welding environment for non-RF weldable materials and films.


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