Boxmat Boxmakers

Boxmat Boxmakers – automatic machines for cardboard boxes production enables to make short and medium runs of many types of flap boxes made of corrugated cardboard. Usage of boxmaking machines is not limited to one or more types of boxes. The key to the popularity of these devices is their versatility.

This is primarily due to the very quick changeover time from the production of one type of box to another. In the Boxmat HD this operation takes only a few seconds. Thanks to this ability, the company can react quickly to new orders, and if it has a machine for its own use, it makes exactly amount of the boxes that is needed at the moment.

One of the additional functionalities expected by customers is the possibility of die cutting. BOXMAT boxmakers can be upgraded with the possibility of cutting holes (so-called handles) intended for carrying boxes or inspection openings enabling viewing the contents even when the boxes are stacked on top of each other.

Another feature is the possibility of installing a simple miniFLEXO printing module, which allows you to print logos or make markings on the boxes, or an gluing system module that automatically applies glue during the box production cycle

All processes take place in one pass of the cardboard through the machine, which significantly increases the efficiency and simplifies operating as much as possible. This allows for savings: machine can be operated by only one operator, and significantly speeds up the time to fulfill new orders.

Possibilities of machines for the production of cardboard packaging: slitting / slotting / cutting / trimming / creasing / scoring / die cutting / printing / gluing

One of the advantages of the BOXMAT machines is the variety of applications. Advanced machines have possibilities to:

The key advantage of boxmat boxmakers is their versatility – all modules and functionalities are in one compact machine.


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