Tooling for machines

We provide a wide variety of electrodes, dies and accessories for High Frequency welding and sealing machines, impulse welders and heat sealers.

All specialty electrodes and dies are build by our Tooling Department and are used in many types of machines we build and industries we supply.

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We make many types of tooling for industrial machines
tooling | oprzyrządowanie
tooling | oprzyrządowanie
tooling | oprzyrządowanie

Types of tooling

Tooling for machines allows to give products and welds a specific shape and form.

The electrodes used in high-frequency, impulse and heat welding machines allow the connection of various materials. Using temperature, it is possible to weld specific surface elements in a specific, selected place.

Our electrodes are tailored to a specific product and industry. The electrodes may vary in shapes, sizes and applications. We make specialized tooling for the medical, automotive, advertising, packaging and many other industries.

Types of electrodes: