High Frequency Generators

High Frequency Generators designed to work with Hydraulic Presses

High frequency generators are a source of high-frequency energy indispensable in industrial processes of dielectric and induction heating. For many years, high-frequency generators have been an attractive alternative to conventional heating.

Technological processing of material, which undergoes dielectric loss, are considerably less energy- and time-consuming thanks to HF generators.

High Frequency Generators | Generatory Wysokiej Częstotliwości

Energy-saving solution

High-frequency generators are used to power output loads such as hydraulic and pneumatic presses, chamber and conveyor dryers, vacuum chambers for plasma treatment, and technological lines. It is possible for high-frequency generators to operate alternately with more than one output device, for example, with hydraulic presses. High-frequency generators are made based on triodes from leading European manufacturers.

Zemat Technology Group produces GX series generators with power and frequency adjusted to the technological needs used in capacitive heating, as well as GI series used in inductive heating. The flexibility of the applied solutions allows the devices to be tailored to the individual needs and production specifics of the customer. The adopted construction method and shielding of the devices minimize radiation and high-frequency energy losses in transmission lines.