High Frequency Generators

High Frequency Generators designed to work with Hydraulic Presses

High frequency generators are a source of high-frequency energy indispensable in industrial processes of dielectric and induction heating. For many years, high-frequency generators have been an attractive alternative to conventional heating.

Technological processing of material, which undergoes dielectric loss, are considerably less energy- and time-consuming thanks to HF generators.

High Frequency Generators | Generatory Wysokiej Częstotliwości

Energy-saving solution

High frequency generators are used for supplying pneumatic and hydraulic presses, drying chambers and tunnel driers, vacuum chambers for plasma processing, production lines for pipe manufacturing.

Thanks to the flexibility of applied solutions, the machine can be adjusted to customer’s individual needs and production specificity. The way in which the generators are constructed and screened limits scattered radiation and losses of high-frequency energy in transmission lines to a minimum.



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