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Column design high frequency welder for complex shapes

The high frequency welder for complex shapes – CORNA is designed for making small shape multilayer (up to 8 layers) welds for technical textiles products where conical, corner and multidimensional shapes are required.


Sample machine modifications:

Any shape of the electrodes

The tooling (electrodes) in the CORNA high frequency welder for complex shapes can have custom shapes – rectangular, round, triangular or oval – depending on the final product look. FlexEL flexible electrode can be also used for changeable layers welds (e.g. going from 2 layer weld to 8 layer weld and coming back to 2 layer weld again). Connecting 3D corners can be achieved easily with the column design of the welding head and footing.

Operation is easy and intuitive. The machine is equipped with freestanding control panel and HMI touch screen. It can also be put on wheels for ease of movement and placing in a desired, for the comfort of production, place.

New generation Hi-Q3 reliable HF generator with 4kW of output power provides consistent welds and minimum RF exposure for operator. Machine is made to CE regulations and tested according to ISO17025.

Why is our technology unique?

WCS™ Weld Check System
Verifying and signaling the HF/RF weld preset parameters / end cycle process. Collects all data pertaining to each weld cycle for remote diagnosis of any issues or problems with machine setup or power output.
QuickGrip™ System
System for quick and easy replacement of electrodes. The electrodes are attached with pneumatic clamps activated from the control panel.
AntiFlash™ System
Ultra-fast Solid-State ARC sensor & full output overload protection.
ZTG iCOM™ System
Built-in VPN client and VNC server making up the internet interface allowing remote control of machine parameters, weld cycle and diagnostics or software upgrade.
Safety guards
Special guards with safety limit switches designed for protection against electromagnetic radiation (compliance with EN and EMC standards).


Low energy consumption

Machines only use full power during short HF weld cycles.

AutoTuning System™

System adjusts the input impedance for quick and precise reaction to the changing load characteristics during welding cycle saving energy needed to complete the weld.

Highly efficient and stable Gen5 HF generators

Converting collected energy to high frequency with minimal losses.

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