Special Machines

Unique machines, often one-time projects, built at the special request

Individual solutions designed and built according to individual customer requirements 

We create innovative machines and industrial lines especially at the customer’s request.

projekty specjalne

Special machines

Special machines go beyond standard solutions, although they are often inspired by them. These solutions provided by Zemat Technology Group are an important element of our philosophy. We are able to build almost any machine. The Zemat offer includes machines made by an experienced team at every stage of production. This includes:

This wide range of possibilities offered at Zemat means that the company provides the implementation of technologies that differ from standard solutions. The offer perfectly fits companies that expect individual solutions.

Technologies that are implemented as part in special projects cover a lot of industries. They combine mechanics and standard machine building with industrial automation and robotic technology. As a result, special machines can be used as production lines or units with a specific tasks to be performed.



Impulse welders made for production of single use PE car seats protection covers.

The covers can be obtained from both full foil sleeve as well as semi foil sleeve. The fully automatic welders provide the production process where you do not need any operator. The machine works with printed foil (photocell control) and without any print (encoder control). During one production cycle the machine winds given distance of the foil, welds and perforates the surfaces before it is counted and rewinded the prepared foil to the final roll.



Automatic machine for the production of PVC foil bags

Possibility to work in manual or automatic modes with fully programmable: welding time, press force, breaks and delays. Main steering system of the machines is based on FX Mitsubishi drive. Machine has securing system informing about lack of the foil

Automat ZDA6P

Automat ZDA6P

Automatic production line for custom made small PVC items

The machine has a set of rollers for foil with tension and unwinding speed control, the possibility of parallel welding of several elements, collection and winding of waste and stacking ready elements.



High Frequency Welder for welding and closing covers

The FOLDA high frequency welder is designed mainly for sealing and closing covers. FOLDA machines have an adjustable output power from 4 to 8 kW. The advanced technology allows to optimize the production of this type of elements. Efficient and stable generator with smooth power control allows for trouble-free operation and making welds up to 1000 mm long



High Frequency Welder for clear plastic tubing

Unique design semi-automated or pedal-driven High Frequency welder for making clear plastic (PVC) tubing 50-400 mm diameter with length up to 600 mm. The machine is equipped with a special high grade welding electrode to achieve straight line seam without the need for additional trimming. This welder has also special patented “hold-curve” system which makes the welding operation easy and fast. The welding process can be done with electrode and cylinder installed either horizontally parallel or at the right angle. The machine is produced in two models with foot pedal positioning and fully pneumatic version. The RF welder has special shielding to protect the operator and it is fully CE certified. It has programmable PLC and fast, reliable antiflash unit.



Unique High Frequency Welder for air ducts, flow channels and tubing

Ducta HF welding machine is a unique solution for the production of different size of ventilation tubes, ducting and other forced air feeding solutions. Due to especially designed two part electrodes we are able to weld various radiuses of round shaped products The machine can be easily converted to zips and straight lines welding. Large material volumes can be laid out behind the electrode to fulfill high requirements of production.



Hot Plate Welder compatible with most thermoplastics

Universal Hot Plate welder with 3 individually controlled heat zones and large size heat plate (mirror) 850 x 470mm for flexible tooling application. Perfect machine for joining of thermoplastics using heat and pressure. In the automotive industry, the technology is used to assemble headlights, taillights, ductwork, manifolds, batteries, fuel tanks, filter housings, and coolant and fluid reservoirs. Appliance manufacturers use hot-plate welding to assemble spray arms for dishwashers; agitators and balance rings for washing machines; brushes for vacuum cleaners; and reservoirs for steam irons. In the hardware industry, the technology is employed to weld window and door frames.

Tarpa R


Manual rotary turntable welding machine for large-size plastics

Tarpa R is designed for welding tarpaulins, tents, tensile structures, billboards, membranes and other large PVC / PU foil products. A special manually rotated table allows for easy maneuvering of the processed material. The table is interchangeable and can have a diameter of up to 3000 mm and is equipped with detachable holders for the welded material. The machine has an 12 kW output power

Supra Duo


A two-station HF welding machine for stretch ceilings production

Supra Duo is a special model of high frequency welding machines from the Supra line. The machine has a double welding head and allows for efficiently work of two operators. Supra Duo is equipped with a special welding and cutting electrode, which results in perfect “invisible” seams.

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