Hydraulic machines
for wood forming

Wood forming technology (for plywood, MDF boards, floor panels, etc.) with the use of ZEMAT brand High Frequency (HF) Generators and custom designed Hydraulic Presses is the best and the most economical solution for manufacturers making short series of products and requiring energy efficient, fast and easy production process.

presses | prasy hydrauliczne

Energy-saving solutions

Thanks to the use of high frequency technology, the cost of tooling (moulds) is several times lower than with the use of traditional methods of wood forming.

The raw material is placed inside the mounted on the press table mould and after closing the high hydraulic pressure is applied. Then the high frequency is turned on to start the heating process. The high frequency heating can be roughly compared to that of a microwave oven. In other words, the heating take place inside the moulded material, not on the surface of the mould.

This technology is extremely energy efficient and fast. The average time for forming/gluing process is between 2-20 minutes relative to the thickness and surface of the raw material.