Impulse Welders

Impulse welders

The impulse welding machine causes an electric current to flow through a specific resistance material at the moment of pressure. In this way it is possible to heat it up. Impulse welders generate pressure, melt the materials and create a durable, strong weld.

Zemat, a manufacturer of impulse welders, provides high-quality machines that enable quick and precise plasticization of given materials. The operation of the machines includes both the welding process and the subsequent cooling of the joint, leaving the material under appropriate pressure. This reduces the risk of damage to the welded surface. As a result, impulse welders are used in an exceptionally wide range of production processes. They are used, among others in packaging machines, production technologies or vacuum packaging. Thus, contact welding is one of the most commonly used methods of joining plastics.


Manufacturer of impulse welders

Zemat manufactures impulse welders that stand out on the market by:

Zemat offers two main lines of impulse sealing devices – Pulsa Eco is a semi-automatic impulse sealer designed mainly for textiles – it is an ideal solution, among others. for the production of canopies, pergolas, awnings and banners. This is facilitated by a well-developed control system of the welding process, which makes the resulting welds strong and precise.

The second variant produced by Zemat are Pulsa Suprim impulse welders, distinguished by advanced production capabilities, including automatic functions of welding pockets or tabs. All welding machines have individual temperature control on the sealing bars and ensure high efficiency with constant repeatability of operation.

Pulsa machines enable perfect invisible welds to be made for end products that require it, e.g. large PVC panes for tents. Machines are covered by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

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