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Universal stand alone high frequency welder (RF sealer) for PVC/PU coated technical textiles and other fabrics and materials

Unique features


Magnetic stainless steel table

Simpla magnetic table

Folding table

Simpla folding table

Swing arm HMI

Simpla swing arm2

Joystick to control the electrode

Simpla joystick

Large space behind the electrode

Simpla space

Foot pedal operation

Simpla foot pedal

Electrodes up to 1200 mm

Simpla 1200

Positioning laser guides

Simpla laser

LED illuminated work area

Simpla led

Casters for ease of movement

Simpla casters


Easy and efficient work

Universal high frequency welder SIMPLA allows to work with PVC, PU, TPU materials and can be equipped with special impulse electrode for welding non-HF weldable fabrics made of PE, PP and other non-bipolar materials. The machine can also be equipped with FlexEL™ ‘soft’ multilayer welding electrode or curved electrodes for sealing round window profiles made of clear PVC or any other shapes requiring precision welding.
SIMPLA is equipped with special deep and wide trough behind the electrode for material storage and handling. The machine has optional smooth glide wheels for easy movement in-around welded fabric, or relocation to a desired place in the manufacturing hall.
Full advanced programming functionality, including ATS™ autotuning and WCS™ systems, is achieved thanks to onboard PLC integrated with 10″ touch screen HMI on a swing arm for easy access to the welding area. SIMPLA machines have HF power output from 10 to 20 kW for heavier production loads and reinforced heavy duty fabrics, effectively providing between up to 800 cm2 of welded surface with one weld cycle.

Why is our technology unique?

FREEWeld™ System Patented HF welding System utilizing welding/sealing work without the need to use grounding foot in an open frame HF welder.
WCS™ Weld Check System Verifying and signaling the HF/RF weld preset parameters / end cycle process. Collects all data pertaining to each weld cycle for remote diagnosis of any issues or problems with machine setup or power output.
AntiFlash™ System Ultra-fast Solid-State ARC sensor & full output overload protection.
Safety guards Special guards with safety limit switches designed for protection against electromagnetic radiation (compliance with EN and EMC standards).
QuickGrip™ System System for quick and easy replacement of electrodes. The electrodes are attached with pneumatic clamps activated from the control panel.
ZTG iCOM™ System Built-in VPN client and VNC server making up the internet interface allowing remote control of machine parameters, weld cycle and diagnostics or software upgrade.


Low energy consumption

Machines only use full power during short HF weld cycles.

AutoTuning System™

System adjusts the input impedance for quick and precise reaction to the changing load characteristics during welding cycle saving energy needed to complete the weld.

Highly efficient and stable Gen5 HF generators

Converting collected energy to high frequency with minimal losses.

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