Randix Cutting Systems

RANDIX - Flatbed
Digital Cutting Systems

Laser cutting tables with modular construction: blades, milling, laser/ultrasonic cutting, marking.

RANDIX – modern cutting plotters based on a modular design and a wire mesh conveyor belt. The machines are designed for automatic, fast and precise cutting of technical textiles.

Modern technology

The concept of RandiX modular cutting solutions was developed by the best European and American designers and engineers over 60 years of industry-wide experience in a constant technology improvement. The on-time delivery, reliable and proven technology, worldwide technical and sales support are the key elements to achieving the market success and satisfying even the most demanding industrial customers.

The Plug-and-Play Changeover System for cutting tools is an innovative approach to turn the basic cutting table into the most sophisticated cutting machines utilizing all technologically feasible cutting and marking tools. Our machines offer full cutting flexibility for a wide range of modern industrial fabrics, nonwovens, composites, honeycomb structural materials, rigid polymers and soft metals.


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Universal modular tool header:

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