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Industrial machines dedicated to the automotive industry

The list of possible applications of Zemat Technology Group machines is open and constantly evolves. Customers are able to surprise with their ideas for using the technologies offered by Zemat Technology Group machnes.

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Machines can be modified or specially built in accordance with the vision and needs of the customer. Zemat Technology Group machine offer is not limited to single machines. We realize any complex designs and projects, such as automated production lines equipped with the most modern industrial automation.

Automotive industry is a space where technological changes, innovations and trends happens regularly, quickly and often, which allow to optimize costs and increase the quality of products. In these assumptions fit well machines produced by Zemat Technology Group. Especially in the automotive industry, it can be noticed that high-frequency welding machines have an increasingly important role in it and are frequently used to achieve the desired quality and efficiency. 

The portfolio of Zemat Technology Group machines includes several high frequency welding machines which, thanks to their versatility, are used in many types of industries, and one of the most common one is the automotive industry.

Large automotive concerns owns many car brands. A significant example is the Volkswagen AG group, which currently produces Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati, Scania and MAN vehicles. Both such giants and smaller companies use the services of hundreds of subcontractors who produce car parts which are then assembled together on production lines.

Zemat customers for the automotive industry are most often subcontractors who produce certain elements at the request of a car concern. In this industry, there is no room for compromise – the products must be of excellent quality, which is repeatedly checked before the finished vehicle leaves the production line and reaches the end user.

Products that are most often made on Zemat Technology Group machines are interior design elements such as:

To make these parts, high frequency welding machines of the SIGNA 4, DIGNA DUO, OPTIMA or MEGA type are often chosen.

SIGNA 4 is a single-station HF welding machine with the working table pulling out from the front of the machine. On the other hand, OPTIMA is a carousel type machine with a rotary table in which – depending on the customer’s request – up to 3 operators serving up to 6 positions can work simultaneously. The final look and equipment of the machine depends on customer production needs.

The most popular HF welding machine is the double-station SIGNA DUO available in several standard sizes of work tables. All machines have many common features, i.e. safety systems, control panels or other electronic systems ensuring the quality of welds.

The HF welding machines weld together the elements of car carpets and other mentioned car industry products. Depending on the tooling used, their functionality also includes embossing a logo or quilting or embossing other patterns on car upholstery. Such quality products are most often made for cars of premium brands.

High frequency is the perfect solution. The technology allows you to achieve results in accordance with the requirements of high production standards. The quality and durability of the seals is unrivaled in comparison to other technologies.

High frequency welding machines for automotive industry and their capabilities

Appropriate machinery park is crucial for fast and efficient work. HF welding in the automotive industry can be used for smaller production volumes as well as for mass production. What are the possibilities of high-frequency welding machines intended for the production of equipment used in this sector? Even one of the smallest universal welding machines – DEPTA is used by companies operating in the automotive industry.

On the other hand, there are impressive possibilities of MEGA machines equipped with generators with a power of several dozen kW. These large, usually two-station devices, equipped with specialized tooling and made in accordance with the specifications given by the customer, are able to meet even the most complex requirements. A large working surface is an advantage and a necessary condition for creating bulky components.

The possibilities of the machines allow to use them in the automotive industry. They are not limited only to creating interior design elements. Regardless of the model, the use of this type of devices allows to achieve what is particularly desirable in the automotive industry – speed of implementation while maintaining repeatability and high quality of the product.

Less popular applications of HF welding machines are end products such as:

Not only the high frequency technology

Some products, such as truck tarpaulins, are made with the use of impulse welders. It is a much cheaper solution, and it is more than enough for this type of application. The impulse welders offered by the Zemat Technology Group are PULSA ECO machines and a PULSA SUPRIM with more automatic functions. These are linear impulse welding machines, the largest of which have a working table length of up to 7 meters.

RANDIX digital cutting systems is a completely different group of machines. In simple terms, these are cutting plotters – but incomparably more advanced than simple devices intended for cutting e.g. foil. These machines can be used to cut even the most complex shapes in the most modern and advanced materials, such as composites. Many specialized tools can be attached to the modular head of RANDIX plotters. On these cutting systems can be cut, among others, elements of upholstery, armchairs or car rugs with the greatest possible accuracy.

Machines dedicated to the automotive industry: