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The list of possible applications of Zemat Technology Group machines is open and constantly evolves. Customers are able to surprise with their ideas for using the technologies offered by Zemat Technology Group machnes.

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Zemat machines can be modified or built in accordance to meet a specific customer needs. Each project – especially in medical industry – can be secured by confidentiality agreements according to the client’s wishes.

Application of Zemat machines in the medical industry

Medical industry is one of the fastest growing. Machines for this industry must be reliable and offers products with the highest quality – often used to save human lives. The medical industry as we know it is difficult to imagine without appropriate modern machines on which the products used in it are made. Zemat Technology Group machines offer quality that allows them to be used in this demanding environment.

The list of possible applications of machines that are using high frequency technology is quite big. HF welding machines are used for the production of many accessories and products. The industry requires technologically advanced devices that guarantee such features as:

In these assumptions fit machines manufactured by the Zemat Technology Group. Companies that make products for the medical industry, and therefore looking for quality and reliability, are frequent customers. Several areas can be highlighted where successive generations of machines have been performing their tasks for many years.

Machines for the production of medical accessories

The wide range of applications of Zemat machines is showed by the diversity of products created with them. On the one hand, there are dozens of products that can be classified as medical and laboratory accessories. On the other – a group of products with a very specific application.

A perfect example are all kinds of medical bags – products used to store body fluids. Examples of products that are made thanks to Zemat high frequency welding machines are, among others:

With the use of specially designed electrodes, tight welds of the bags are made and, most often, in the second stage of the process, appropriate supply or discharge hoses are welded. An interesting fact is that Zemat machines are also used for the production of corpse bags – in this type of products, the certainty of tightness is also a priority. Another example are surgical and laboratory accessories, such as disposable trays for surgical instruments used during surgery.

The products must meet strict sanitary requirements and often have to be made in a sterile environment. These are brightly lit, properly ventilated and disinfected production halls with employees wearing protective coveralls. In order for a production machine to be placed in such an environment, it must meet the cleanliness requirements defined by specific regulations. An example of this is the material from which the machine body must be made, i.e. stainless steel. Zemat Technology Group has experience in the production of such machines.

Another group of products for rehabilitation accessories. Zemat machines produce, among others:

Products of this type are most often made on SIGNA machines. Standard machines are designed to meet customer expectations. Modern advanced materials with protected by secrecy composition, are used for making, for example, rehabilitation cushions. Preparing a machine that can handle welding of such materials requires experience and many tests before the final product meets the high quality requirements.

The precision provided by the devices is also used for the production of dressings materials or personal protective equipment. These include:

The medical industry and production machines

All devices manufactured for the medical industry are high frequency welding machines. Quality and reliability as well as the mentioned possibility of modification for meeting the requirements of sterile production are the features that makes the machines produced by the Zemat Technology Group extremely useful. For example, OPTIMA machines – carousel welding machines with a rotary work table are equipped with several work stations. OPTIMA machines are characterized by high efficiency. 

A properly selected number of workstations meets the assumptions of production processes. The rotary turntable machine ensures the production of a large number of products in a short time. Everything is done with maintaining excellent parameters – the positioning of the rotary table assumes operation at the accuracy level of 0.1 mm.

Production automation is a desired functionality in the medical industry. Zemat Technology Group builds production lines designed from scratch for a specific product. Production lines can be equipped with robotic arms, belt conveyors and, of course, ensuring the highest safety and multi-stage quality control of manufactured products.

High frequency welding machines can work on the basis of transistor generators. These devices ensure the highest accuracy and repeatability of the operating parameters. They stand out with perfect matching of the input impedance in terms of fast and precise response. Machine perfectly adjusts the parameters to the currently manufactured products.

In Zemat machines, each welding cycle is monitored and saved in the internal memory – which allows the quality of each production batch to be analyzed.

List of products that can be made on Zemat machines:

Machines dedicated to the medical industry: