Cinema and Projection Screens

Machines dedicated to the production of cinema and projection screens:

The list of possible applications of Zemat Technology Group machines is open and constantly evolves. Customers are able to surprise with their ideas for using the technologies offered by Zemat Technology Group machnes.

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Machines can be modified or specially built in accordance with the vision and needs of the customer. Zemat Technology Group machine offer is not limited to single machines. We realize any complex designs and projects, such as automated production lines equipped with the most modern industrial automation.

Production of cinema screens using high frequency welders

Cinema and projection screens are a wide range of products that are made for entertainment. Cinema screen producers have one goal, which is to provide viewers the best possible experience during watching movies. For the cinema screens production, high-frequency machines offered by the Zemat Technology Group are used.

Cinema and projection screens are not only screens used in standard cinemas, both small studios and multiplexes. These are also outdoor screens intended for mobile and car cinemas, but also for projections during concerts, festivals and various types of events. Another group is retractable screens intended for multimedia solutions in conference rooms or homes.

Each cinema screen must provide the best image quality, not cause reflections and optical distortions. It must also reproduce the colors as closely as possible. Cinema screen material is produced by several major manufacturers and is sold on rolls. With the help of appropriate machines, the final product is made of them.

For the production of large-format screens, the strips of material must be properly connected with each other. This is done with high frequency machines such as SUPRA or SUPRA CRYSTAL. They offer invisible and strong welds, thanks to which the screens are very durable and, in the case of external screens, resistant to weather conditions. 

Machine working tables can be several dozen meters long, which is enough to create any large product. In the case of perforated materials, it is very important to accurately position the subsequent strips so that the perforation pattern is perfectly continued over the entire surface of the screen. In order to achieve the appropriate tension, special eyelets are welded on the edges of the screens (RINGA machine), which are then interlaced with special strings to tighten it. 

Instead of eyelets, manufacturers also use special stripes around the screen to make a contrasting black frame. TARPA PRO HF welding machines are often used to do this job. Rolled screens may have special hooks instead of eyelets, protruding beyond the screen. For their permanent welding, SOLTRAN handheld high-frequency welding machines based on transistor generators are used. The transistor generator used in these machines ensures their compact size, ease of use and perfectly repeatable parameters of each weld.

List of products that can be made on Zemat machines: