Tarpaulins and Covers

Industrial machines dedicated to the production of tarpaulins and covers

The list of possible applications of Zemat Technology Group machines is open and constantly evolves. Customers are able to surprise with their ideas for using the technologies offered by Zemat Technology Group machnes.

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Machines can be modified or specially built in accordance with the vision and needs of the customer. Zemat Technology Group machine offer is not limited to single machines. We realize any complex designs and projects, such as automated production lines equipped with the most modern industrial automation.

The use of Zemat machines in the production of tarpaulins and covers

Tarpaulins and covers are a very popular group of products with many uses. Zemat Technology Group machines, especially impulse welders and high frequency welders, are often used for the production of this type of products. Most of the tarpaulins are made of PVC foil, and this material is perfect for processing with the technologies offered by Zemat.

Contrary to what might seem, the production of car tarpaulins has nothing to do with sewing. This type of solution was used in the past with the use of industrial seams – in this way joining together parts of canvas. Currently, the production of tarpaulins for trucks is fast and precise, but also requires the use of appropriate machines.

PVC is the most popular material for the production of car tarpaulins. It is tear-resistant and relatively resistant to weather conditions. It is fully waterproof – the only downside is the tendency to fade when exposed to UV rays. Modern technologies for the production of PVC foil allow, however, to apply a coating with UV filters on it.

Car tarpaulins are sheets of fabric – their primary purpose is, of course, to protect the goods on the car’s trailer. On the other hand, tarpaulins are more and more often an important advertising surface – they are perfect for displaying the company’s logo or its assortment. They must maintain not only excellent performance properties, but also be a material suitable for applying any graphics on its surface.

Tarpaulins can be made with both hot air machines, HF welders and impulse welding machines.

The PULSA SUPRIM impulse welding machine offers a work table up to 7 meters long. By using the automatic welding programs on the machine, even large materials can be easily processed. Using high-frequency technology, similar products can be made on a TARPA PRO machines, which can have a work table up to 100 meters long.

Smaller elements can be made on a SIMPLA machine which offers standard electrodes up to 1200 mm long (optional: up to 1500 mm). The truck tarpaulin is finished by fitting it with eyelets for mounting on the truck. The RINGA welding machine is specially designed for this kind of work. It easily attaches finished plastic eyelets to the product.