High-speed Doors

Industrial machines dedicated to the production of high-speed doors

The list of possible applications of Zemat Technology Group machines is open and constantly evolves. Customers are able to surprise with their ideas for using the technologies offered by Zemat Technology Group machnes.

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Machines can be modified or specially built in accordance with the vision and needs of the customer. Zemat Technology Group machine offer is not limited to single machines. We realize any complex designs and projects, such as automated production lines equipped with the most modern industrial automation.

Machines for high-speed doors

Industrial high-doors and gates are an important element of every production hall or factory. These products must be durable because they are exposed to high loads and intensive use. Companies and manufacturers also pay more and more attention to the appearance of doors or gates, so aesthetics is also important.

High-speed doors

The portfolio of the Zemat Technology Group includes several machines that can be used for the production of industrial high-speed doors. These are high-frequency welding machines and RANDIX cutting plotters.

The high-speed doors / roll up doors are often made of PVC foil. It is an easy-to-process and durable material that is ideal for this type of implementation. Usually at the initial stage of production, cut out foil panels are needed. The RANDIX cutting plotter is very well suited for the perfect cutting of the necessary shapes of any size. It is a reliable machine, and thanks to the large configuration possibilities and the modular head to which can be attached many different tools, it works very well wherever the quality of the products is of key importance.

Manufacturers often offer doors with transparent elements like windows, which are made of crystal foil. These elements are heated with high-frequency welders. SIMPLA linear welding machines or larger devices like MAGNA can be use for this purpose. The large surface of the pressure plate allows to use shaped electrodes, with which it is possible to weld the entire transparent element in one cycle. Next, the finished panels are welded together to create the final product. 

The doors can be reinforced with crossbars, which are placed in specially prepared pockets. Industrial gates can come in many different options and configurations. They can be made of heat-insulating materials or have anti-burglary protection. It is a very popular product, and it is also an ideal solution for large-size door openings. The ease of adjusting to door openings of almost any size makes it a very popular solution in the industrial sector.

Thermal walls

Apart from industrial doors and gates, thermal walls are an interesting product for the production of which high-frequency machines can be used. It is more and more popular equipment for warehouses or production halls. Thermal walls are used to divide a space into zones with different temperatures, the so-called hot and cold zones. Thermal walls are mats made of PVC foil inside which there is an insulating material, e.g. non-woven fabric.

CORNA is also ideal for welding hard-to-reach elements. Thanks to a special design, the operator can easily place a processed piece of material on it.

List of products that can be made on Zemat machines: