Conveyor belts

Zemat machines for the production of conveyor belts

BELTA machines, thanks to the wide configuration options, can be ideally suited to the customer’s expectations. Several hundred BELTA machines have already been manufactured at the Zemat Technology Group factory, and they are used by customers all over the world.

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Zemat machines can be modified or built in accordance to meet a specific customer needs. Each project – especially in medical industry – can be secured by confidentiality agreements according to the client’s wishes.

Synthetic belts or conveyor belts – these are a name for the same group of products, without which modern industry would not exist in the form it does today. Almost every product is carried on a conveyor belt at some point in its life. The enormous demand for this type of products makes BELTA machines – for the production of conveyor belts – very popular among manufacturers all over the world.

There are many types of conveyor belts. They differ in terms of the material from which they are made, structure and surface. Various types of belts made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane can be produced on BELTA high-frequency welding machines. The initial product is always a wide foil – produced by the largest manufacturers – made of the appropriate material depending on the intended use. The rolls of this foil are then cut to the desired width. After that, the product becomes a tape from which the final product can be made. At this stage, BELTA high-frequency welding machines manufactured by the Zemat Technology Group are used for the production of conveyor belts.

Conveyor belts are used for transportation applications. Many industries use this type of solution. Transport belts are used by:

Depending on the intended use, the conveyor belts should be made in such a way that they have the greatest possible strength, be resistant to abrasion, mechanical damage, high temperatures or temperature changes. In order for the belts to work properly, they are equipped with various accessories. Depending on the type of material from which the main part of the tape is made, and the accessories used, they become a product for the target industry.

All kinds of cleats and sidewalls are made on the BELTA machines. The carriers are elements made of PVC or PU, and they are used to, for example, transport vegetables between places with different heights. Belt manufacturers offer many different types of cleats. They have different shapes, thickness and profiles. They also differ in the arrangement on the belt, they can be arranged in parallel with greater or lesser frequency or at different angles. 

The carriers for the base belt are welded and the high-frequency technology which works best for this purpose. With the help of special tooling, on BELTA machines can be created any types of finishing of the conveyor belt. The electrodes are created according to the customer’s requirements – companies that produces the conveyor belts uses different electrodes to produce the different belts. 

Thanks to easy electrode mounting system, working with BELTA machines is very efficient. The machine can be equipped with special positioners to keep the processed materials in the right place. The divisions on the worktable (cm / inch) make it easier to keep the appropriate distances between successive elements to be welded.

Another type of finishing is the sidewall. This element is welded along both sides of the conveyor belt to hold the transported product on the belt. Sidewalls can have a different height, width and radius. Special electrodes are created for welding sidewalls, and the process of placing the material in the electrodes requires some practice. In order for the work on BELTA machines to be efficient, they are equipped – in addition to special design solutions – with a number of systems that monitor the welding processes and protect the belt against potential damage. The operator has a modern touchscreen control panel at his disposal and during work is fully protected against electromagnetic radiation.

High-frequency welding machines are used by manufacturers of conveyor belts to weld specials elements to them. The most popular are:

The main type of conveyor belts that can be made on BELTA machines are: