Cardboard Boxes

Zemat machines in the cardboard packaging industry

For companies that want to automate the packaging production process, Zemat Technology Group offers complete production lines made with Boxmat Boxmakers with additional devices, such as a full-size flexographic printer or an automatic feeder.

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Slitting, slotting, cutting, trimming, creasing, scoring, die cutting, printing, gluing — in one compact machine!

The use of Zemat machines for the production of cardboard boxes

Zemat Technology Group is a manufacturer of machines for the production of corrugated cardboard boxes for short and medium-runs. It is an ideal solution for companies that need reliable, modern and easy-to-use machines to save time and increase their productivity.

Machines for the production of corrugated cardboard boxes includes several different types. The most popular are boxmakers – machines intended for the production of 3-, 5- or 7-layer corrugated cardboard boxes. These machines are manufactured under the world known brand: BOXMAT BOXMAKERS. Over 200 boxmakers are already in use in dozens of countries on most of the continents.

A characteristic feature and the greatest advantage of the machines is their versatility. In one production cycle, within seconds, the machine produces a finished box. Next, the machine is able to automatically switch from one type of box to another in under one minute time. Everything is done without any additional tools and equipment. This feature is an ideal solution for companies that want to optimize the cost of box production. Machines are eagerly bought both by box manufacturers and companies that use boxmakers to pack their own products. Compact size for offered functionality and a multitude of additional options, such as printing or glue application in one cycle, are the features that make BOXMAT BOXMAKERS one of the world’s best machines for cardboard boxes production.

The operation of the machines is simple and intuitive. This makes the machines are in unflagging popularity. Boxmat Boxmakers are equipped with an intuitive, modern HMI touch panel with a Box Wizard installed – software that makes the production of boxes as easy as never before.

Each machine is programmed with several dozen types of boxes from the FEFCO catalog, and the mentioned wizard allows to create a box design from the beginning – exactly as needed at the moment. The box types offered by BOXMAT machines are:

Several models of boxmakers are offered, differs in capabilities and standard equipment:

The offer is complete with FLEXOMAT, a full-size flexographic printer with a working width of 2400 mm.

The offer of Zemat Technology Group machines also includes ROLLMAT roller die cutters. These machines are used to cut out the desired products from ready-made dies. The punching machines complement the offer of machines for the production of boxes. Having the required punch, there are no limits to making only flap boxes. On this type of machines, for example, pizza boxes or other irregularly shaped boxes can be made. The machines are praised for their reliability and ease of use.

Additionally, RANDIX cutting systems can be used for creating box prototypes.

List of products that can be made on Zemat boxmakers:

Machines dedicated to the production of cardboard packaging: