Universal box making machine

BOXMAT PRO is the most advanced and universal box making machine, revolutionizing the short run and serial production process of corrugated cardboard boxes.

All settings for box production done from an intuitive touch screen panel!

Automat do produkcji pudeł

Slitting, slotting, cutting, trimming,
scoring, printing and gluing - in one compact boxmaker !

How easy is the production of boxes with Boxmat PRO? All you have to do is to choose a preprogrammed box style and enter the inside box dimensions on a touch screen panel. There is no manual setup at all – all tools (scoring and cutting) are servo driven and set automatically in less than a minute. Other individual design box types are available with an intuitive step-by-step creator in Free Style. Slotting, slitting, scoring/creasing, gluing and printing can be done in just one on one universal box making machine – without the need for additional modules!

Standard Boxmat PRO is equipped with 10 sectional slotting knives, 4 longitudinal cutting knives plus 4 scoring wheels (max. 8×8) automatically set by the servo-drives to suit the size and thickness of the board. The corrugated cardboard is centrally positioned with auto-guides. Soft grip rollers and solid input/output shafts and double encoders provide precision board feed control and prevent skewing.

The innovative system of Circular Saw Toothed knife blade installed in the rear cutting/scoring section allows for bidirectional board size adjustment without the need for pre-cutting the blanks to the exact size on a separate machine or module. The gluing module incorporated into this section provides on-the-go single or double line cold glue application.


Universal box making machine

Optional INTELIGO System

Inteligo system - touch screen for boxmakers

Optional gluing module

Gluing module for boxmakers

Optional mini FLEXO


Optional cardboard box stacker


Dedicated website
for boxmat boxmakers

Boxmat folder