Turntable heat sealing machine

TERMA R heat sealers are automatic carousel machines designed mainly for the production of blister packs. They have a pneumatic drive of the heating plate and four work stations.
karuzelowa zgrzewarka stałocieplna

Reliability and ease of use

TERMA R – rotating turntable series automatic heat blister sealers are reliable and sturdy systems, specifically designed for quick training and easy operation. These machines can blister pack a wide range of products by simply changing the tooling. They feature adjustable seal height up to 160 mm, PLC controlled temperature and cycle time, and heater plate safety guards.

TERMA R machines will provide years of dependable performance with an absolute minimal maintenance requirement. They are competitively priced, making them ideal for small enterprises and low volume productions, perfectly complementing our SIGNA and OPTIMA series of HF welders.