Boxmakers – buy new or used?

Boxmakers provide such a wide range of capabilities that the question arises: which one should be chosen, and which option will offer the most advantages? The dilemma also involves whether second-hand machines, which are inherently cheaper, differ significantly from new models.

The concerns of individuals planning to purchase packaging devices, machines, dies, or other technological lines are similar, regardless of the specific technology. Which option is more advantageous? Should one opt for new devices with a factory warranty and innovative technical solutions or consider second-hand products, which are cheaper but undoubtedly lag behind current trends?

New packaging devices equal efficiency

Machines for fast and high-quality packaging production are increasingly complex devices that combine a range of features and implementation options.

The Boxmat PRO, a machine designed for manufacturing corrugated cardboard boxes, is a revolutionary device that is transforming the packaging production industry—and it’s not an overstatement. The key feature lies in its automation-versatility, which enables slotting, cutting excess material, creasing, gluing, and cutting the material to the specified size. All of these operations are performed in one production cycle on a single compact machine. The Boxmat PRO stands out by eliminating any attachments, add-ons, or supporting elements, offering a combination of three key features:

  • Versatility of use
  • Automatic operation
  • Tool-free change of settings

In practice, this translates into fast and precise work for both short-run and mass production. Compared to multi-module machines, the Boxmat, as an example of a new packaging production machine, excels in eliminating manufacturing errors. In conclusion, its operation is faster, more precise, more efficient, and less reliant on human factors compared to older-generation machines.

Used machines – lower price is an important aspect.

How should used boxmakers be evaluated in comparison to new products? When choosing a model that has been on the market for several years and has been previously used in the production cycle, one should expect both less technological advancement and a certain degree of wear and tear. However, the latter should not greatly impact the overall assessment. Manufacturers design their machines for long-term use, ensuring their components are highly durable. The condition of used machines largely depends on maintenance, such as regular cleaning, proper lubrication, and potential replacement of components that undergo intensive work. Therefore, if used box making machines come from a reliable source and their quality is not in doubt, they can prove to be an interesting alternative to more expensive new equipment. The determining factor here will be the age of the device and its condition in relation to the price. It’s a highly dynamic area where manufacturer promotions and discounts, such as those offered for larger orders, can be so profitable on a broader scale that it may be worthwhile to opt for a slightly more expensive, but new product. Each of these aspects should be analyzed individually.

The differences between new and used devices are exemplified by welding machines. Older, pre-owned models do not rely on electronics and software to the same extent as new ones. Simpla, a high-frequency welding machine for PVC film, offers a wide range of applications that are not commonly found in previous models. The introduction of modern solutions, including a more efficient generator, an autotuning and weld control system, as well as additional safety mechanisms, enables the machines in this new collection to operate continuously and with enhanced efficiency. This applies not only to standard orders but also to heavier materials such as tarpaulins and membranes. By incorporating these new technical solutions, SIMPLA welders represent a significant leap in quality compared to older models of these devices.

New or used manufacturing machinery – which to choose?

The answer must take into account individual circumstances such as the budget planned for the investment, the scope of the envisaged tasks, or the time horizon. If you have a potentially larger budget, it is worth considering investing in newer devices. Additionally, if the machines are intended to have a longer lifespan than the standard period, it is advisable to choose modern models. However, if, for instance, a welding or boxmaking machine is intended for occasional use and performing basic tasks, a used machine sourced from a reputable seller should be sufficient. It’s important to remember that modern technologies, that impact equipment prices, offer significant advancements in quality and efficiency, but their adoption should be economically justified. When considering mass and advanced operations, opting for new machinery becomes a favorable choice. However, for devices intended for occasional use, it is worthwhile to analyze the used machinery sector.