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Zemat Technology Group is an international corporation with European and American capital providing Intelligent Technology Solutions to the industrial customers globally. It’s a stable and dynamically growing company with the manufacturing plant and main offices located in Lodz, Poland (EU). We are constantly reviewing and reassessing our offer to adapt to the ever changing market trends and customer needs.

Our engineering expertise, reaching back over 65 years, multilingual professional staff with strong international trade background, proven industrial track record as well as solid personal relationships with our suppliers and customers are our main assets.

Our company focuses on complex industrial solutions incorporating High Frequency welding technology, Radio Frequency heat sealing, Impulse heat welding, Blade-Laser-Ultrasonic modular cutting solutions for plastics and technical textiles, automatic boxmaking technology, plasma nitrating, robotics and Industry 4.0 Automation.

We also design, build and distribute complementary processing machines like Thermoformers (Vacuum forming machines), Roller Die Cutters, Automated short run Boxmakers for corrugated cardboard industry, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Presses with HF Generators for industrial forming and drying of wood/plywood/cellulose profiles. Machines and tools built by Zemat Technology Group are fully CE/UL compliant and made in accordance with ISO9001 standards.

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RF/HF Welding
Heat Sealing machines


Short Run Boxmakers
Flexo Printers



Intelligent Technology Solutions with the Human Touch


Our company is at the forefront of newest technical developments in the field of high frequency technology, automation of production processes and other innovative industrial solutions.

History of Zemat

The history of Zemat Technology Group reaches back to 1957.

It was established over 60 years ago in Poland by one of the pioneers of European industrial electro-magnetic technology and builder of the first Radio Frequency Generator in Poland. Thanks to his hard work, talent and visionary approach the company survived in private hands the uncertain times of Communist era and became the base of modern technologies development for many branches of the European industry.

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Today, under the new ownership since 2003, Zemat Technology Group is a modern, quality oriented Polish-American corporation and a primary European manufacturer and supplier of technologically advanced machines using High Frequency (Radio Frequency) Technology for plastics/technical fabrics welding and sealing. The company is manufacturing custom made equipment used in vacuum forming/thermoforming technologies, packaging production (both plastics and corrugated cardboard), medical accessories, automotive parts, conveyor belts and polymer transporting systems, industrial heating and drying, wood molding, and other industries. Our international reach is soundly supported by wide network of distributors and affiliates in the EU, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, South America and the Middle East - over 80% of Zemat TG's production is made for export to the global market.

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Superior choice!


We design and build close to 200 industry dedicated machines per year and we have more than 6500 machines in various branched of industry successfully installed and working in every corner of the World.


We provide total sales, logistics and technical solutions that combine pre- and post sale technical consulting tailored for regional markets and individual industries.


Our specialists and technicians are ready to install any kind of machine at customer facilities. Our company provides professional training for client’s operating personnel, as well as technical support and consultation. We specialize in diagnostic work and servicing other manufacturers’ equipment.


As our customer, you benefit not only from the substantial, collective industrial market resources of ZEMAT Technology Group but also from a diverse capabilities and global connections of our operating partners. Highest quality, on-time delivery, professional design and technical staff, one-to-one personal approach to the client's requirements, proven track record in the industry, as well as solid personal relationships with our suppliers and customers are our main assets.


We have teemed up with the best companies in the world to provide our customers with exceptional quality production supplies and best brands for spare parts. Apart from manufacturing and supplying highest quality industrial equipment made according to ISO9001 standards and CE compliant, we also provide full technical service and training.


We are the only European industrial manufacturer with ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory conducting tests and EMC/EMI/EMF measurements throughout European Union according to the EU directive WE765/2008. The Zemat TG's MobiLAB tests and measures electric and magnetic fields in order to ensure safe operation and work environment for industry personnel in accordance with European standard Nr 1999/519/EC.

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