Military Industry

Zemat machines in the military industry

The list of possible applications of Zemat Technology Group machines is open and constantly evolves. Customers are able to surprise with their ideas for using the technologies offered by Zemat Technology Group machnes.

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Zemat machines can be modified or built in accordance to meet a specific customer needs. Each project – especially in medical industry – can be secured by confidentiality agreements according to the client’s wishes.

Zemat machines used in the military industry

The military industry requires special care for the quality and durability of the manufactured products. This applies to all products, including widely understood clothing. The capabilities of Zemat Technology Group machines mean that the appropriate quality of end products allows them to be used in the military industry.

High-frequency technology and machines using it make products for the military industry. Several types of welding machines are particularly often choose by customers as machines for this type of products. The clients for the military industry are usually subcontractors who produce certain components on behalf of the armed forces of a given country. Quality is the basis if a company intends to offer any products for the military – it must be unquestionable.

Two-station SIGNA DUO machines or larger like MEGA models are perfect for the production of:

Thanks to special designed electrodes, the joining process of the materials used in these products is efficient and effective. The military industry is one of the most dynamically developing, with many inventions then being used for more general use. Modern materials specially designed for such purposes – with the strictly confidential composition – must be thoroughly tested to see if they will be suitable for high frequency welding. It often turns out that HF technology is the only solution – other joining techniques are ineffective.

The knowledge and experience of Zemat engineers allows to find a solutions and parameters that makes impossible projects a success. This applies especially to those products that are considered to be very by the material used or non-standard sizes.

Smooth surface of the weld, regardless of the level of complexity

High-frequency linear welding machines like SIMPLA can be used to produce high-quality military pontoons. A particularly important feature are the ideal welds, ensuring safety and moving on the water in all conditions.

Larger TARPA PRO seam welders, which can be equipped with a long – even 100 meters – work table, can produce temporary tents, water or fuel tanks. These products are often used by armies during military operations.

Welds in hard-to-reach places in complex-sized products can be made on CORNA machines because of special head shape that allows, among others, easy welding of corners.

The versatility of Zemat machines extends the scope of their applications – they are more and more often used for atypical, individual projects made in terms of strictly defined assumptions in the military industry.

RANDIX cutting systems

RANDIX digital cutting systems can also be used by companies operating in the military industry. Their unique capabilities of cutting composite materials make them an ideal solution with the possibility of a wide uses. These are plotters – but incomparably more advanced than simple devices for cutting e.g. foil. These machines can be used to cut even the most complex shapes in the most modern and advanced materials, such as composites. Many specialized tools can be attached to the modular head of RANDIX plotters. On such plotters with the greatest accuracy can be cut, among others, specialized fabrics, foams or laminates.

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