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Industrial machines dedicated to the production of blister packaging

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Creating blister packaging and the possibilities of using Zemat machines

The production of blister packaging is one of the most popular technological solutions in line with the assumptions of ecology, recycling and optimization of plastics management. What is a blister packaging and how this type of packaging is made?

A blister is a type of packaging that consists of several layers: the bottom made of cardboard, foil or a combination of these materials, and the upper part. As they are transparent and made of plastic, the goods can be viewed without the need of unpacking. An important feature of blister packaging is the fact of profiling. Thanks to this, it is adapted to the shape of the secured object. As a result, the goods located between the two layers on the one hand are very carefully protected, and on the other hand – much more accessible for e.g. visual analysis. Blister packaging are of great popularity in various industries.

It can be assumed that blisters are crystal clear packaging of various shapes, the main task of which is to effectively display the product while maintaining its protection. This is achieved by the specificity of the packaging, which is made of thermoformable hard foil using the vacuum method.

What are the blisters made of?

Making blister packaging perfectly fits into the ecological assumptions and the maximum use of plastics. The most commonly used materials for the production of this type of material are:

Using them allow to adopt the blister packaging to a specific product. The plastics used ensure that the packed goods are properly secured, and at the same time the goods inside are very well presented. Due to the fact that blister packs can be shaped independently according to a specific design, nothing prevent them to be shaped to be displayed at a shop. The properties of materials made of flexible polymers are also important. They can be either transparent or not to provide thermal or light protection.

How are blister packaging made?

It is very important to use appropriate machines – they should combine quality and the possibility of serial production. The process of creating a blister package can be based on Zemat machines. The most important machine for this process is a vacuum thermoformer FORMA. A special thermoplastic film, which is the basis for processing, is formed into the appropriate shape in a vacuum and in a special temperature with the use of a special tooling (molds). It can also be at once cut on the cutting modules available for the machine. It is an efficient and economical forming process for both small and large production. The main part of the package is prepared in this way.

If cardboard is used for production back of the packaging, it can be easily created on ROLLMAT die cutting machines. A previously printed cardboard template is placed on the die prepared according to the appropriate design. In one pass of the machine – after cutting from the die – up to several dozen usages can be created.

The last part of the process is to permanently connect the two elements together. The welding process can also take place on Zemat machines. Depending on the type of materials, this is done with the use of TERMA thermal welding machines or high-frequency welding machines like SIGNA DUO or OPTIMA.

The use of blisters in different industries

Blisters come in a variety of formats. They can be sealed packages, but also can be closed in a different way – by standard closure, snap, fold or glue. The blisters are also the inserts placed into custom-made boxes.

Different division of blisters can be done as follows:

The standard usage of blisters is packaging for medical pills – with the base not made of cardboard, but aluminum foil. Blister packaging are used for other articles that must protect the product and show it to the recipient, with showing the type and model. These blister packaging are used for small household appliances, toys, light bulbs, cosmetics, automotive or office products.

The possibility of showing a product is an important marketing advantage. Merchandising analyzes show that when customers have at their disposal two identical products – closed in standard packaging and blister packaging, with the possibility to see actual product – they are more likely to choose one in blister packaging.