Machine for eyelets – what is it and its posible applications?

Banner eyelets are necessary tools used in high-quality advertising, marketing or production industry. Punching and perforation of any given material – from paper through textiles to PVC elements – makes the brand promotion possibilities and the range of the offer extremely wide. However, in order to achieve it effective eyelet machine is a necessity in terms of parameters, durability and the possibility of using various inserts.

RINGA Eyelet machine is usually associated mainly with the marketing industry – as an essential element for the production of banners. However, its use is much wider. Nevertheless, it requires investment in more advanced technology.

In the basic version, the eyelet machine allows you to edit products that are perfect for advertising actions – textile materials or factory hardened elements. Large selection of appropriate inserts results in universal use of the eyelet machine. As a result, it is a technology that should be considered in the context of all production activities: from a small advertising company to a large company that regularly uses, for example, outdoor materials.

Replacing the eyelets or introducing a slightly different technology of operation – which is possible thanks to modern pneumatic equipment – enables the use of the eyelet machine for production purposes wherever it is necessary to make a precise hole and its protection.

How do eyelet machines work depending on their type?

The market allows consumer to freely adjust the eyelet machine to the expectations and needs of a given company. Making holes and placing eyelets – necessary, for example, to make an advertising banner – can be done both manually and based on automation. As a result, the choice of eyelet machine can be easily adapted to the budget. Large enterprises that massively use banner elements should choose the fully mechanical option. However, if eyelets and holes are rare – it is worth considering a cheaper option, which is a manual eyelet machine.

Regardless of the selected machine type, the eyelet machine’s operating scheme is similar. High-quality machines pick up the material being processed. It is then perforated and eyed – this way, both processes leading to the preparation of, for example, a banner are closely related. Most eyelets can be used universally; they are suitable for both PVC materials and, e.g. hardened elements. In this way, the press creates an opening which is then fitted with an eyelet insert to secure the material.

In this context, it is important to freely choose the dimensions of the opening. In most cases, banner eyelets provide several variants of the diameter of the hole created – from a few millimeters to a few centimeters. This gives the possibility of adjusting eyelets to the current project – large banners require more space, while small ones can be limited to symbolic perforation. In this regard, due to constant expansion of manufacturers’ offer the scope of use of eyelet equipment is also widening.

Mechanical eyelet machines operate in a fully automatic way. Manual ones are equipped with handles, designed to precisely hold the rivets. This results in the smoothness of the eyelet and punching process itself. One punch of the press both creates a hole and equips it with a hoop.

Eyelet machines – an indispensable piece of equipment

The versatile use of eyelets makes them one of the basic elements of equipment, e.g. in the printing or advertising industry. Although they are perceived mainly through the prism of advertising banners production, the scope of application of eyelets is much wider. It may also include making eyelets in, e.g.:

  • packaging
  • fabrics
  • nets
  • tarpaulins
  • sails    
  • tents
  • uncommon materials.

Especially the possibility of automatic feeding of eyelets while maintaining exceptional precision of operation makes eyelet machines gradually used in more and more advanced processes. The mobility of devices is also beneficial. Manual models are designed to be fully portable, but even larger automatic eyelet machines are becoming easier to use in various locations.

The versatility of modern eyelets is noteworthy. Possibility to install various tips of different sizes and shapes. It results into almost unlimited possibilities of use. It is followed – in the case of electronic devices – by the increasing level of safety of operations. Modern eyelet machines are equipped with pressure adjustment systems, electric control panels, the possibility of easy replacement of ferrule tips or photocells blocking the operation of the equipment when an unknown, foreign object is detected. The result is faster, more precise and more comfortable production for the user.