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We provide full range of industrial electron power tubes air-cooled and water-cooled used in various configurations. Our offer comprises triodes and tetrodes of high, medium and low power with housings made of glass; glass and metal; and ceramic and metal. The emission power of the manufactured tubes is ranging from 130 W to 120 kW, whereas the maximum frequency reaches 300 MHz. Our main line of power triodes are for industrial type applications using 13-40MHZ range with power outputs from 500W to 65kW.

Main applications of the tubes (valves):

  • High Frequency Industrial Generators
  • High Frequency Welders and Sealers
  • RF/HF Industrial Heating and Drying
  • Induction welding
  • Broadcast of TV and radio programmes
  • Radar stations and avionics
  • Radio Impulse suppliers
  • Electro-medical devices
  • Scientific applications