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jec world 2020

  • Zemat TG is presenting its modular cutting system this year at JEC exhibition. An automated cutting plotter thought to give a cutting solution for all industrial sectors as aeronautic, automotive, military, architecture, marine, filtration...
  • Capable to cut composite rolled materials, standard PE, PVC, PC Lexan sheet materials, and special compounds including prepregs, Dry Carbon, Kevlar, Aramdi, Glass fabrics, SMC and Nomex or aluminium honeycomb core.
  • A wide range of tools that can be used in the same system thanks to our modular system that allows multiple manufacturing processes: drag knife cut, rotary cutting, angular cut, laser cut, ultrasonic cut, milling, polishing, marking, drilling, engraving and ultrasonic welding.

Boxmat HD



he concept of RandiX modular cutting solutions was developed by the best European and American designers and engineers over 60 years of industry wide experience in a constant technology improvement. The on-time delivery, reliable and proven technology, worldwide technical and sales support are the key elements to achieving the market success and satisfying even the most demanding industrial customers.

The Plug-and-Play Changeover System for cutting tools is an innovative approach to turn the basic cutting table into the most sophisticated cutting machines utilizing all technologically feasible cutting and marking tools. Our machines offer full cutting flexibility for wide range of modern industrial fabrics, non-wovens, composites, honeycomb structural materials, rigid polymers and soft metals.



Cutting edge technology

  • Conveyor table automatic loading
  • Automatic feeder with edge control
  • Automatic feeder with edge control
  • Multi-platfirm software, io conversion and nesting
  • Customized table size

  • Angular cutting for 3d structures/composites
  • Single setting multifuncionality
  • Vacuum table with cutting zone control
  • Presicion cut control pressure foot


  • Customizable cuting table sizes
  • Conveyor or static surface
  • Universal modular head enables work with three tools simultaneously
  • Precision rack-and-pinion motion system with state-of-the-art servo motors
  • Optional automatic feeder
  • In-house developed randix software with io formats and nesting


  • Custom cutting table size
  • Cutting table surface: conveyor or static
  • Custom cutting tools
  • Feeder: automatic or manual
  • State-of-the-art software and nesting solutions
  • Velocity, speed and step precision control
  • Fully upgradable: the basic configuration of the machine can be upgraded with new tools in the future and adopted to the new projects


Gallery - Machine details

Gallery - Applications