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The new LDMOS based Radio Frequency Generator has higher frequency capability, improved linearity and withstands all mismatched impedances including unpredictable arc conditions. Ultra-fast microprocessor Dynamic Matching System™ with full control of reflected power to protect the system semiconductors.

Matching unit adjusts the input impedance for quick and precise reaction to the changing load characteristics during welding cycle. These changes are monitored and recorded to ensure perfect welding with each cycle, resulting in enhanced seal quality at lower output power.

A unique lightweight hand held, gun type RF welder is providing the newest and the most innovative solution in the LDMOS based RF welding and sealing technology. The compact Solid State RF generator and the hand held mini press with DMS™ provides unsurpassed flexibility for small RF seals and multi-shape weld combinations.

The C-frame press design incorporates a servo controlled linear motor for down stroke pressure which allows the elimination of stoppers, limiters, spacers with electrodes/tools. It gives fully repeatable stroke position for each weld cycle. It can work with full control of down stroke position or pressure – e.g.: if we have materials with the same thickness we can control both, the down position and pressure, and if we are working with materials of different thicknesses we control the pressure thus ensuring the repeatability of each weld. Ability to create the custom characteristic of down stroke pressure depending on the application needs, e.g.: different pressure/position in the beginning of the weld cycle – different when cooling/pressing.

Optionally we can provide heated tool/electrode plate to speed up the process of HF welding or create better welding environment for non-RF weldable materials and films.


  • LDMOS Rugged HF generator with DMS matching unit 200W-10kW
  • Precision microprocessor control of output power
  • Dynamic High-performance RF impedance matching unit
  • Energy saving RFT0Gen7 ECO HF Genarator
  • Standard working frequency: 27MHz
  • Impedance output of generator: 50 OHM
  • RF power output efficiency at 80-90%
  • Ultra-fast reflected power control
  • Standard 19” Rack mount or tabletop design
  • Dynamic Auto Tuning and Arc protection
  • Harmonic distortions eliminated by frequency band filters
  • Perfect repeatability of each weld parameters
  • Low power consumption and real time power output recognition
  • No vacuum HF power tube. Substantially increased generator life time!
  • Very limited heat dissipation preventing overheating
  • High resistance to vibration, shock, enabling the use in mobile applications
  • Connection with output load by Coax flexible cable
  • Microprocessor manual control with touch screen HMI imaging
  • Registration and visualization of the welding process
  • Unlimited recipes data base
  • Ability to work with broad range of HF presses and tools/electrodes
  • Fully compliant with CE, FCC, EMC & UL


  • Medical tubing, shut-off valves, drainage tubes
  • Blood bags, IV bags, urinary drainage bags and body bags
  • Blood pressure cuffs and wound evacuation pumps
  • Water mattresses, pulsating air mattresses and air inflated splints
  • Patient ID bracelets and tags
  • Catheter forming and tipping
  • Environmental chambers and suites
  • Hazardous waste containment systems
  • Stretcher covers, bed covers and mobile clean rooms
  • Reinforcements embossments for car interiors
  • Lumbar support, grommets, stem valves in automotive industry
  • Custom stationery, packaging solutions