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INGA machine is integrated HF welder with automated pneumatic feeding/punching press for large volume welding of plastic eyelets onto various technical textiles. Compared to metal grommets, welded plastic eyelets will fuse together with the fabric and result in a joint that is significantly stronger and can withstand significantly higher pull forces. This is especially true when working in mesh materials. RINGA machine offers single side HF welding for PVC eyelets of various diameters e.g.: 11/27, 13/32, 15/37, 19/43mm (inside/outside) with customized electrodes.


INGA punch/weld machine is designed to work with Carmo PVC and plastic eyelets which are typically used for reinforcement of holes in foils and fabric in building wraps, banners, outdoor advertisings, tarpaulins, tents, billboards, tensile structures, netting, water sport equipment.


armo eyelets are made from a special formulation and are used worldwide for strong, flexible and durable reinforcement of holes. Clear, grey, white. Other colours available upon request. PVC eyelets offers more advantages for the outdoor banner producer, e.g.: no hemming required, the only solution for single layer vinyl. "Invisible" placement of eyelets on the back of the banner is possible. They will not rust, tear through the reinforced fabric and their tensile strength is much greater than metal eyelets.

Main features

  • Universal usage for PVC, PET, PU
  • High weld precision and efficiency
  • Small footprint and great work ergonomics
  • Easy action through pedal/toggle to reduce operator fatigue
  • Energy efficient RF generator with smooth power regulation
  • Protective fixed guard - working table HF shielded and filtered
  • Outperforms metal grommets in flexibility and strength
  • With HF welded eyelts no overlaping or hemming is required
  • Durable in harsh environments. Will not rust and leave stains


  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Approx. delivery time: contact sales department
  • Certificates: CE, EU, EMC, FCC, OSHA
  • Standard color: Purple Red, RAL3004


  • Small and large format technical textiles PVC or PU coated
  • Single weld cycles up to 600cm2 welded area (line or curved shape)
  • Tensile structures, tents, shade systems, truck covers and side curtains
  • Swimming pool liners and covers, oil booms, flood dams and water tanks
  • Airport hangars, portable storage structures, containment pools, ground liners

Gallery - Machine details

Gallery - Applications

Output power: 1,2 kW
Installed power: 2,1 kW
Working Frequency 27,12 MHz ± 0,6 %
Main fuse 10 A
Power supply 400 V; 50 Hz
Power tube air cooled metal-ceramic triode
Antiflash Ultra-fast solid state ARC limiter
Time control panel digital
Electrode pneumatic press 4 - 6 bar
Compressed air consumption 10 nl/cycle
Electrode working stroke 50 mm
Electrode length 50 mm
Welding table dimensions 600 x 250 mm
Space behind electrode 100 cm
Weight 180 kg
HF signal feed line coaxial kable 50 Ω / Rg213 1,5m
Welding surface each work cycle (max.) 20,5 cm2