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urntable OPTIMA series HF Welder is made specifically for production in various industries: automotive, medical, packaging, recreation, rehabilitation, textile and clothing, etc. The machine provides manufactures with a high power HF output and a custom mandrel style press for a versatile and reliable sealing/welding process


PTIMA HF welder worktable is equipped with special high precision rotary indexing gear controlled by frequency inverter. The machine operation is based on step by step technology with possibility of multiple welds in one cycle.


ith the use of touch screen HMI and programmable PLC operator can easily input multiple weld/seam recipes. OPTIMA series machines have production power outputs from 10kW to 20kW for multi-cavity production loads and specialized products.


utomatic weld cycles, optional preheated or cooled weld platen, pneumatic or hydraulic weld head drive, electronic motion and weld cycle counter make this machine a perfect tool for high end production facility where precision, durability and strength are the key.

Main features

  • 4, 6, 8 workstations
  • Single, double or triple HF weld heads operation
  • Precision (to 0.1mm) indexing rotary work table
  • Fully automated HF weld cycles with adjustable rotating speed
  • High pressure sealing with enhanced ram guidance
  • Production speed: 5/7 cycles/min
  • Programmable memory storage for 1000 of weld recipes
  • Touch screen HMI and onboard PLC
  • C-frame welded steel structure with integrated HF generator
  • Pneumatic HF press operation (hydraulic on request)
  • Optional loaders/unloaders and electrode heating/cooling
  • ZTG ATS™ Autotuning system and ultrafast ARC limiter
  • ZTG iCom internet connection module
  • Customized size work platens
  • Ideal for PVC, PU, PET-G, A-PET, PLA products
  • Freestanding control panel with remote access


  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Approx. delivery time: contact sales department
  • Certificates: CE, EU, EMC, FCC, OSHA
  • Standard color: Blue, RAL5023


  • Small and large format technical textiles PVC or PU coated
  • Medical equipment: blood, urine, colostomy and drainage bags
  • Automotive: pneumatic lumbar support systems, sun visors, fuel and air assembly parts
  • Packaging: clam-shell and blister PVC, PET-G, A-PET
  • Stationery: covers, albums, business card holders, notebooks
  • Elements of garments and protective clothing
  • Advertising, embossed logos, traffic signs



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Output power: 10 - 20 kW
Installed power: 15 - 30 kW
Working Frequency 27,12 MHz ± 0,6 %
Main fuse 32 - 40 A
Power supply 3x400 V; 50 Hz
Power tube air cooled metal-ceramic triode
Antiflash Ultra-fast solid state ARC limiter
HF Auto-tuning System standard
PLC control system HMI touch screen
Electrode pneumatic press (at 0,4-0,7 MPa) 1000 - 1900 kg
Compressed air consumption 90 - 130 nl/cycle
Electrode platen working stroke 300 mm
Welding table dimensions from 400x500 mm to 600x700 mm
Heated electrode plate Regulated up to 120°C
Temperature stabilization optional
Protective HF radiation shield and grid filter standard