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AGNA S ceiling suspended HF Welder has an output power of 10-25kW, pneumatic press, automatic PLC control and touch screen HMI. The machine is installed directly on the factory's ceiling support beam, allowing 360 degree access around the work table and floor level production.


he HF generator, air cylinders and electric power supply unit is fully integrated within the suspended weld head creating an open space for a lightweight work table of various sizes and shapes (rectangular or round). It can be installed right above the floor to allow to easy handling of heavy and high volume dimensional fabrics. The size of the welding/work table are custom made in accordance with the HF welding electrode length.


agna S machine is equipped with a hand operated rotating turret with 180+ deg. rotation function. They allow for open and easy access to the work table and the welding head from any direction and are used in the production process of large technical textile structures, high speed doors, fishery tanks, tents, tensile and membrane structures, advertising billboards, oil-booms, water cisterns, pool-liners, etc.

Main features

  • Manual operation rotating turret with APEX planetary gears
  • True 180º+degrees rotation with preset zero starting point
  • Low height work table (floor level work function)
  • Suspension assembly for ceiling beam installation
  • Built in touch screen HMI
  • Integrated HF generator, pneumatic and electric power supply unit
  • Pneumatically driven downstroke electrode motion
  • Pneumatic earthing foot for EMF emission control


  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Approx. delivery time: contact sales department
  • Certificates: CE, EU, EMC, FCC, OSHA
  • Standard color: Purple Red, RAL3004


  • Small and large format technical textiles PVC or PU coated
  • Tensile structures, tents, shade systems, truck covers, water cisterns
  • Swimming pool liners and covers, oil booms, flood dams and water tanks
  • Advertising signs and large format billboards
  • High speed doors
  • Fishery tanks

Gallery - Machine details

Gallery - Applications

Working (HF welding) table size custom made / various shapes and sizes
Space behind electrode axis: open 360°
Working Frequency 27,12 MHz ± 0,6 %, HiQ Gen5 HF Generator
Electrode length: up to 1500 mm
Maximum welding surface: up to 40cm2 from 1kW output power
Welding electrode drive pneumatic cylinder
Welding electrode stroke 10 - 160 mm (adjustable)
Electrode-tool holder: fast clamping system
Push down pressure: up to 3500 kg
Push down pressure regulation: smooth 150 - 3500 kg
Air consumption: max. 60 nl/cycle
Cooling system: Air chiller for electrode temperature stabilization
Electrode platen dimensions 100 x 110 mm
Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 740 x 1500 x 1960 mm