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magna l


MAGNA L linear X-Move HF welder (gantry style RF heat sealer) was specifically designed to weld / seal large shape objects (spherical tent windows, tent walls, truck covers, swimming pool liners, inflatable toys or specialty membranes) with single or multiple programmable cycles. The welding head moves along the X-axis with multipoint pressure on electrode. A special control software, HF weld head driven on X-linear robotic beam, 360º access to workspace allows to make unlimited large platen or curved, angular or repeated parallel straight weld joints.

25kW Hi-Q Gen5 RF generator is capable of providing stable output power for seams up to 1000cm2 (155 sq inch). The dimensions of the welding/work table are custom made in accordance with the welding electrode length. Machine allow open and easy access to the work table and the welding head.

Main features

  • Precision X-Move robotic drive HF welding head
  • Movement controlled by servomotor, precision of positioning ±0,5 mm
  • HIWIN linear guides for effective and precise movement
  • Ability to set weld head track movement along any X axis parameters
  • 2 stand-alone support pillars independent of the work table
  • Open 360º access to work area
  • Work table (HF welding area) 1350x3200mm (or by request)
  • Pneumatic welding press 1350x1300mm (or by request)
  • Two EMC grounding feet (on both sides of welding press)
  • Parking area for HF welding head for easy access to work table
  • Downstroke pressure: 4000kg
  • Stroke opening: 400mm
  • Vacuum table on periphery of the HF welding table


  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Approx. delivery time: contact sales department
  • Certificates: CE, EU, EMC, FCC, OSHA
  • Standard color: Blue, RAL5023


  • Large format technical textiles with welds up to 50m long and 70mm wide
  • Single weld cycles up to 1000cm2 welded area
  • Tensile structures, tents, shade systems, truck covers and side curtains
  • Swimming pool liners and covers, oil booms, flood dams and water tanks
  • Airport hangars, portable storage structures, containment pools, ground liners
  • Advertising signs and large format billboards

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