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magna 3d


AGNA 3D Gantry HF Welder has output power of 15-25kW, pneumatic press, automatic PLC steering control. The machine is suspended from a gantry-system that is designed (hight and width) according to conditions and requirements of each manufacturer factory.


t is equipped with a true 360+ deg. rotation function. The dimensions of the welding/work table are custom made in accordance with the welding electrode length. The MAGNA 3D Gantry machines allow open and easy access to the work table and the welding head and are used in the production process of high speed doors, tents, tensile and membrane structures, advertising billboards, oil-booms, water cisterns, pool-liners, portable satellite dishes, etc.

Main features

  • Servomotors based welding head robotic drive with APEX planetary gears
  • HIWIN linear guides for effective and precise movement
  • Ability to set weld head track movement along any X,Y axis parameters
  • 4 stand alone support pillars independent of work table
  • Movement controlled by servomotor, precision of positioning +/- 0,5 mm
  • Position controlled by magnetic ruler with multi basing system

  • Power supply: 3 x 400V; 50Hz
  • Power installed: 40 kVA
  • Output power: max. 25 kW
  • Working frequency: 27,12 MHz stabilized (+/-0.6%)
  • High-Q Gen5 stabilised HF resonating cavity (smooth regulation)
  • Fully programmable min/max power output

  • True 360º+ degrees rotation with preset zero starting point (-90º/+270º)
  • Rotation movement controlled by servomotor with precision of positioning +/- 0,5 degree
  • X,Y position on work table controlled by multipoint encoder

  • 12” HMI - Human Machine Interface with color touch screen (located on HF welding head) controlled by latest generation PLC
  • Remote HMI - handheld iPAD AIR based HMI with full control functionality
  • Ability to connect up to 5 independent touch-pads remotely via WiFi
  • ZTG WELDSAVETM- Registering the real-time weld parameters & saving them in Excel file/USB
  • Unlimited number of saved recipes (above 1000) with easy sorting capability
  • Storing weld parameters on USB
  • Multilevel viewing/editing of weld settings secured with passwords
  • ZTG iCOM™ internet interface unit allowing remote control (via VPN) of all aspects of machine setup and weld cycles – this PlugNPlay unit does not interfere with internal client LAN settings
  • Server VNC - control the machine’s HMI via internet browser
  • ZTG WELDSAVETM- Registering the real-time weld parameters & saving them in Excel file/USB
  • ZTG HF AutoTuning SystemTM - automatic control of output HF power based on Zemat TG custom HF power matching algorithms
  • ZTG SafeDOWNTM - tooling bar press protection system for operator safety and ease of operating and positioning of welded material
  • Pressure Logic System PLSTM - intelligent down-stroke pressure setting for thick and heavy fabrics’ welding cycles
  • Manual weld cycle – operator sets up all parameters of welding cycle
  • Ability to connect up to 5 independent touch-pads remotely via WiFi
  • Automatic weld cycle – operator chooses the HF weld cycle with preprogrammed options (power output, time of weld, pressure and distance)
  • Fully programmable work power and maximum output power
  • ZTG FlashTM solid state anti-flash - anti-discharge circuit
  • Direct operation with triode interdiction
  • Built-in grid signal filter
  • Plate signal filter mounted on welding head
  • Fully CE, FCC compliant, EMC tested


  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Approx. delivery time: contact sales department
  • Certificates: CE, EU, EMC, FCC, OSHA
  • Standard color: 252 CALYPSOROT, Gray: RAL7035

Optional features

  • Laser Guide Projectors - projecting red laser lines for quick material guidance on the work table
  • Keder welding assembly - special setup for ease of keder sealing
  • FLEXelTM (flexible electrode) - soft electrode for multilayer fabric welding
  • Onsite ISO17025 EMC compliance testing full diagnostic testing and certification of the local factory EMC/EMS parameters according to the latest guidelines required by the CE standards


Gallery - Machine details

Gallery - Applications

Working (HF welding) table size: custom made (eg. 2500mm x 8000mm)
Space behind electrode axis: open 360º
Trough for fabric: optional - one side or two side of work table
Electrode length: up to 1500mm
Maximum welding surface: up to 40cm2 from 1kW output power depending on welded fabric characteristics
Welding electrode drive pneumatic cylinder
Welding electrode stroke 10 - 160mm (adjustable)
Electrode-tool holder: fast clamping system
Electrode-product Positioning: three-position valve
Push down pressure: up to 3500kg
Push down pressure regulation smooth 150 - 3500kg
Air consumption max. 60nl/cycle
Cooling system: Liquid chiller for electrode temperature stabilization between 30-50ºC.