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pecial purpose column design HF welding machine CORNA is designed for making small shape multilayer (up to 8 layers) welds for technical textiles products where conical, corner and multidimensional shapes are required.


he tooling (electrodes) can have custom shapes - rectangular, round, triangular or oval - depending on the final product look. FlexEL flexible electrode can be also used for changeable layers welds (e.g. going from 2 layer weld to 8 layer weld and coming back to 2 layer weld again). Connecting 3D corners can be achieved easily with the column design of the welding head and footing.


Operation is easy and intuitive. Machine is equipped with free standing control panel and HMI touch screen. It can also be put on wheels for ease of movement and placing in a desired, for the comfort of production, place.


ew generation Hi-Q3 reliable HF generator with 4kW of output power provides consistent welds and minimum RF exposure for operator. Machine is made to CE regulations and tested according to ISO17025.

Main features

  • Universal usage for PVC, PET, PU
  • High weld precision and efficiency
  • Small footprint and great work ergonomics
  • Easy action through pedal/toggle to reduce operator fatigue
  • Energy efficient RF generator with smooth power regulation
  • Protective fixed guard - working table HF shielded and filtered
  • Outperforms metal grommets in flexibility and strength
  • With HF welded eyelts no overlaping or hemming is required
  • Durable in harsh environments. Will not rust and leave stains


  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Approx. delivery time: contact sales department
  • Certificates: CE, EU, EMC, FCC, OSHA
  • Standard color: Purpla Red, RAL3004


  • Multi-layer technical textiles PVC, PU, TPU
  • Inner and outer corners for membranes and tents
  • Corner shapes for side/roof truck covers
  • Caps for containment pools & oil booms
  • Tensile structures triangular fastenings and corners
  • Water and fuel bags reinforcements
  • Handles and grips attachments

Gallery - Machine details

Gallery - Applications

Output power: 4 kW
Installed power: 6 kW
Working Frequency 27,12 MHz ± 0,6 %
Main fuse 25 A
Power supply 3x400 V; 50 Hz
Power tube air cooled metal-ceramic triode
Antiflash Ultra-fast solid state ARC limiter
Electrode pneumatic press (at 0,4 - 0,7 MPa) 80 - 300 kg
Compressed air consumption 12 nl/cycle
Electrode platen working stroke 150 mm
Electrode platen dimensions 100 x 110 mm
Welding surface (max.) 120 cm2
Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 740 x 1500 x 1960 mm