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boxmat multi


he Flexomat printing unit works inline with BoxmatPRO machines or it can be used as a stand alone printer.

Standard configuration has one 800mm (31”) wide print drum/cylinder which is fully programmable and automatically adjustable across the width of the machine, to print image onto different panels, utilizing the full 2400mm (94”) size.

Optionally, the Flexomat can be fitted with a second independently driven and controlled drum/cylinder to double the print area or utilize the use of a second color.




  • Special design steel/AL profile structure for vibration free printing
  • Single or double printing cylinders
  • Print width: 760mm (30”) – single cylinder
  • Print length: 900mm (35”) with FRR for multi-panel printing
  • Max. working print area width: 2400mm (94”)
  • FRR - Fast Repeat Rotation of flexo print cylinders
  • Independent drives and motion control of each cylinder
  • Multi axis servo control for maximum print quality

  • Infeed and outfeed system to maintain precision registration for printing
  • Dynamically balanced ink applicator rolls
  • Easy access for clean up and quick changeover of polymer plates
  • Intuitive touch screen HMI for easy setup and control
  • Ceramic anilox rollers available for raster printing
  • EPC - Edge Position Control
  • Automatic ink feed system by ink pump from containers


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