boxmat multi


oxmat MULTI was developed and designed to fill the market need for a machine which can utilize one standard width of corrugated board or single size fanfold board. Machine has built-in 32 cutting and scoring tools to make on demand boxes fast and efficiently.

The special software assists the operator with box design, predictively placing scoring and cutting lines into the layout on the GUI screen. Then, the built in iLogic algorithm is creating the best box layout, calculating the size of the blank board/fanfold, to limit or eliminate the cardboard waste during production.

Stored in the memory box designs can be uploaded with a barcode scanner to create production order of boxes to be made on the machine. This feature is especially helpful in the furniture packaging industry, when individual pieces must be packaged in the order they come off the production line.




  • Optimized ‘on demand’ boxes production
  • Make large and small boxes side-by-side in the same cycle
  • Use one universal size corrugated board or fanfold
  • 32 independently programmable tools
  • Predictive box design software
  • Advanced multi-size multi-production capability
  • 16 slitting knives in x-y direction
  • 16 scoring/creasing wheels in x-y direction

  • 2 independent beams for tooling
  • Complete servo-drive motion
  • Built in logic for box cutting layout to eliminate board waste
  • Large touch screen GUI with enhanced programming
  • Barcode scanning for uploading the box design for production
  • Optional: nesting, product 3D scanning


Gallery - Machine details

Minimum board width: 250mm
Maximum board width: 2400mm
Built in FEFCO styles: 32
Maximum number of tools: 32
Cardboard used: single and double wall
Voltage: 3 x 380/440/480V
Footprint (L x W x H): 1600 x 3340 x 1580mm