boxmat pro



oxmat PRO is the most advanced and universal machine revolutionizing the short run and serial production process of corrugated cardboard boxes.

All settings are entered directly from the touch screen panel thanks to a tool and die free setup. In less than one minute you can reprogram the machine for any of the 100 FEFCO styles. Slitting, creasing, removing excess board and glue flaps is all done in one pass on one compact machine - without the need for additional modules!


he machine makes boxes out of single, double and triple wall corrugated cardboard. 4 longitudinal cutting knives plus 4 creasing wheels automatically set by servodrives to suit the size and thickness of the board. The cardboard is centrally positioned with auto-guides. Soft grip rollers and solid input/output shafts provide precision board feed control and prevent skewing. The innovative system of rotary knives installed in the rear cutting/creasing section allows for bi-directional board size adjustment without the need for precutting the blanks to the exact size on a separate machine or module.

Main features

  • Two-direction creasing and removing excess cardboard in one cycle
  • 4 creasing wheels
  • Slitting, precise one step formatting of blanks (length & width)
  • Interactive 12” touch screen control panel
  • Soft grip rollers
  • Surface encoder ensuring accuracy and repeatability
  • Eco-friendly low energy power supply
  • Side access panels for ease of servicing and roller change


  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Approx. delivery time: contact sales department
  • Certificates: CE, EU, EMC, FCC, OSHA
  • Standard color: Blue, RAL5023

NEW - Printing module

  • Flexographic technology
  • Printing / marking from the bottom of the board
  • Automatic indexing of printing area
  • Singular width of print area: up to 100mm (4”) - variable length
  • Easy to use and service
  • Rigid aluminum frame and smooth glide rolls

Gallery - Machine details

Gallery - Applications

Material single and double wall up to 7mm
Power supply 3 x 380/415/480V (USA: 3 x 480V/20A)
Maximum board size 2400 mm width x unlimited length
Minimum board size 250 mm width x 650 mm length
Maximum distance between slotting knives 2000 mm (with 200 mm knives)
Minimum distance between slotting knives 70 mm
Slot width 7 - 8 mm
Sectional slotting knives 200 - 800mm (max. combined lenght: 1400mm)
Machine dimensions 3400 mm x 1600 mm x 1600 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 2800 kg